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The website is online since August 2011. The site's official launch will be in December 2011.

To all visitors of this site: At present we mainly present tour guides from Germany and Switzerland. We hope that you help expand our choice of guides. Have you had a good experience with a tour guide? We would appreciate any recommendation. Please forward the guide's contact details.

To all tour guides: We are looking for Englisch-speaking guides for the most important cities in Europe. The website will also available in French, German, Spanish and Italian.

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GENEVA : Guided tours of Geneva with Illico Travel

Guided visits in Geneva and surroundings: A wide selection you can choose from: Geneva classic, themed visits or discoveries off the beaten trails, in the company of you professional, private guide - at your rhythm and according to your interest – on foot, by car, by bus.

Guided tour:
 "Geneva, cradle of watchmaking"

Since the 16th century, Geneva and the art of watchmaking have shared a long common history, a tradition that is still being upheld by the craft's contemporary players: watchmakers, jewellers and enamellers held since centuries a primary economic role.

Some other Walking tours in Geneva with illico Travel
Guided tour : "Geneva Financial Centre"
Guided tour : "Carouge - the Mediterranean side of Geneva"
Guided tour : "Let's meet Calvin !"

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